Flu and COVID Clinics

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woman inject a woman on left shoulder

Our Flu and COVID vaccination programme is well underway with over 1,000 vaccinations already having been given to our vulnerable groups. We’ve had a lot of comments from patients saying they are entitled to Flu but haven’t been invited by us yet. This is because there is a very short window for COVID vaccinations which is the main focus at the moment. We have a suite of reports which tells us who is eligible for a COVID vaccination and these people are, generally, also eligible for Flu vaccination too.

Once the COVID vaccination window has passed we will turn our focusses on those patients who are eligible for Flu only and will work to get as much coverage as possible.

One thing we have noticed is that a lot of people who are booked in for our current slots have then gone to a Pharmacy to have their jabs but have retained their appointment with us. There is no problem with you getting vaccinations elsewhere, but please cancel your appointment with us so that we are able to offer it to someone else.