Flu Vaccinations

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You may have heard on the news this morning that flu vaccines are going to be offered to all patients in the 50-64 age group from December. We heard the information in the same way you did, so are only now able to start planning for how we will deliver this.

We are ordering additional vaccine (which hasn’t previously been available to us), and working out how we can provide the additional staffing this requires (for our practice, this is an additional 2700 people eligible).

Please do not call us asking to book, we will publish more information here and on our website when we have the plans confirmed. We will contact anyone by text or letter who falls into this group.

Thank you for your assistance.

In the mean time, we are continuing to vaccinate our already eligible patients and the team will be making contact to fill our clinics. Again, please do not call us, we will be in touch with you.

So far this season we have vaccinated over 3,000 patients in a much shorter time scale than we would normally; everything has had to take that much longer this year due to COVID-19 and the need to remain as ‘COVID safe’ as possible.

We are no longer able to arrange walk in clinics for people to just turn up to as we cannot control those in the way we need to.

The whole team are working extremely hard to get as many people vaccinated as possible.